First of all, welcome to my blog! Always nice to log in and see that people are actually reading the stuff that I post here.

Many of you probably know me from investing website Seeking Alpha, where I have been writing exclusive articles once or twice a week for the last few months. I realize that I have not updated Stocks & Scuttlebutt for awhile, but I hope to start posting here regularly again.

Because Seeking Alpha’s user base is so large, most of my content will still end up on that platform, but not everything that I write gets accepted by the editorial staff. SA prefers pieces that contain “actionable” advice, which means that most articles have to be persuasive in style and backed by evidence. I know that this approach helps filter out bad content, but it also places constraints on creativity. I think investors benefit a lot from writing that is simply informative and thought-provoking.

Stock and Scuttlebutt will be the place for that—the unedited director’s cut, if you will. Book reviews, observations, and other random thoughts that pop into my head will all make an appearance. If you do decide to buy any of the books that I talk about, be sure to use the link provided in the article…I have to earn a living too, you know!

Anyway, hope you enjoy the blog. I will send out notices through my SA page and Twitter feed whenever I post here.