Today the Associated Press reported that McDonald’s plans to move aggressively to drive sales during the mid-afternoon time slot, which is often a slow period for restaurants. The chain is betting that it can capitalize on increased demand for snacking in America (a sad commentary on our society, but it is what it is).

But rather than focus on the “healthy” snacks that have been become so trendy, McDonald’s is trying to do what it used to do best: sell cheap and tasty food. So as a result, we’re getting croissants, muffins, and new ice cream sundae options.

Readers may recall that I criticized McDonald’s back in May for saturating its menu with healthy options that do not appeal to the core customer. After all, who the hell goes to McDonald’s for a salad? The incremental revenue from a gourmet sandwich probably is not worth increased complexity and decreased customer service. Somewhere along the line the company began to lose its way, probably because of the stupidity that often stems from corporate committee thinking in a boardroom. But this latest announcement looks like something that you should see from McDonald’s.

And as a fan of ice cream sundaes myself, I wouldn’t mind another option for obtaining one of my favorite treats.